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As an associate of Arts & Leisure Tours, Travel Specifics specializes in customized small group tours and independent travel. We design unique hosted leisure and learning tours featuring such interests as gardens, gastronomy, architecture, art and natural wonders. Our personal services include hotels, villa and apartment rentals, public and private sight seeing, chauffeurs, car rentals, rail and air tickets, pre/post tour and cruise packages, language classes, cooking classes and much more. We are committed to providing consistent quality an personalized service.

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Hotel Mountain Paradise in Costa Rica The Hotel Mountain Paradise perfectly balances simplicity, nature and service. It is this seemingly simple mix that has endeared it to all the guests that have had a chance to visit it.
Pool with a view of the green side of Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica.jpg
Costa Rica
grand Potala Palace A really amazing place for visiting, the center of Tibet cultures! The palace is set on the mount top and can be seen in every corner of Lhasa city!
by Tibet Panda Tours - Région Autonome Du Tibet, République Populaire De Chine
Maid Cafe, New York City You gotta eat here Welcome to the Maid Cafe, a chic Japanese cafe that serves Japanese cuisine, drinks, sweets and other merchandise. Whatever else you do during your stay in New York, make sure you pass over this cafe. It brings an exotic blend in the mostly Italian and American eateries in the city.
Guest being served a colourful orange and rum tropical cocktail by a smiling barmaid in a hotel or restaurant.jpg
New York, Ny, Usa
Experience a Life of Luxury at Hotel Croatia Welcome to the gem of South Adriatic, the Hotel Croatia. It is located across the Bay from UNESCO listed town of Dubrovnik. Its actual address is Frankopanska 10, Cavtat 20210, Croatia.
Table settings at restaurant on island's seaside with lagoon.jpg
Cavtat, Croatia
Tulips and Windmills River Cruise
by Travel Specifics - Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Paris Gorgeous Gardens and Great Neighborhoods Springtime in Paris Gorgeous Gardens and Great Neighborhoods with Garden Guide and Neighbourhood Expert, Amy Kupec-Larue
by Travel Specifics - Paris, France
Grand Bahia Principe Tulum Mexico The Grand Bahia Principe in Tulum, Mexico, features Shakespearean romanticism. Apart from being located on a natural paradise characterized by tropical vegetation and exotic gardens, the resort boasts a whopping 978 guest accommodation units. At one single time, you will be able to meet hundreds of people from different nationalities. If this does not give you the perfect opportunity to find your perfect match, then I do not know what will.
Grand Bahia Principe Tulum Mexico.jpg
Cobá, Roo, Mexico
Occidental Grand Papagayo For a chance to stand in an idyllic coastal location surrounded by lush green vegetation that characterizes the Costa Rican northern Pacific Coast, I would be ready to give anything. If you are a discerning holiday maker, you would too. Nothing compares with some fresh air carried over to the shores by the Pacific winds. Even more alluring is the spectacular sweeping views of the world’s largest ocean - the Pacific. At the Occidental Grand Papagayo resort, you will have this and more.
Occidental Grand Papagayo.jpg
Liberia, Costa Rica
Hotel Riu Palace The Hotel Riu Palace Costa Rica is an all-inclusive luxury holiday retreat that has the facilities and services you need for a thoroughly reinvigorating holiday experience.
Lush jungle covered mountains stretch out into the Gulf of Nicoya next to the rocky and sandy beach of Ballena Bay in Costa Rica.jpg
Liberia, Costa Rica
Renaissance Monumental Ensembles of Úbeda and Baeza Although they had their roots in the Islamic period, the two small towns of Ubeda and Baeza played a pivotal role in introducing the Italian Renaissance architectural designs to Spain.
Church El Salvador, Plaza de Vazquez Molina, Ubeda, Jaen province, Andalusia, Spain, Capilla del Salvador.jpg
Archaeological Ensemble of Tárraco The town of Tarraco was founded on an area thought to have been occupied by the Ionian Greeks in the 1st millennium BC.
Roman amphitheater of Tarragona.Catalonia .Spain.jpg
Amiens Cathedral you gotta go here The Amiens Cathedral is located in the heart of Picardy. It boasts the tag of being the largest 13th century Gothic Church and is popular for its elaborate architecture that involves a 3-tier elevation and fine display of facades and sculptures.
Cathedral of Amiens, France, UNESCO.jpg
France, France
Atlantic Forest South-East Reserves you gotta go here The Atlantic Forest South Reserves is a system of 25 protected areas that occupy an area of 470,000 hectares in the Brazilian States of Parana and Sao Paulo. These reserves are the best example of Brazilian Atlantic forest. The region comprises of mountains, wetlands, rich foliage, coastal islands, dense forests and beautiful display of ocean sand dunes on the coast.
Atlantic forest.jpg
Where to get the best Oysters in Barcelona Being home to over 5 million residents and some additional 10 million tourists warrants a city to have an active gastronomy sector. Take it from me; Barcelona has risen to the occasion and today, it boasts some of the best oyster restaurants in Europe. Below are a couple of them.
oysters in Barcelona.jpg
Barcelona, Spain
5 cool facts about Darwin Located on the Timor Sea, Darwin is smallest and most northerly of the Australian capital cities, and acts as the Top End's regional center. It is the capital of Australia's Northern Territory with an estimated population of about 113,000 people. From an outpost to a port city to one of the most modern Australian cities, Darwin has come a long way. Below are some cool facts about the city.
Darwin City.jpg
Darwin Nt, Australia

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