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The wet, warm environment of a condensate collector beneath a central air conditioner evaporator coil … particulates sucked in through the return ducts and produces millions of mold spores.

Ac Drain Line Clogged Smoke detectors alerted the residents early. In each case, the drain line became clogged and a drainage pan overflowed. "With the summer, and people keeping their AC units running more often, it’s … When clogs persist although you have cleared sink and toilet drains, the main drain may be where a large clog has built up. Follow these directions to clear a clogged main drain from your house. Step 1: Locate the Main Drain Clear Out in Your Basement The main drain clear out is a Y-shaped, large … What Does Merv 13 Mean MERV 11 – If you have
What Does Merv 13 Mean MERV 11 – If you have a family or are living with multiple people, have any pets or allergies, or if anyone smokes, a MERV 11 filter will do the trick. merv 13 – If you or your family suffers from major seasonal allergies, spend any time at the gun range or shooting guns (lead dust),… MERV ratings range from 1-16. The higher the MERV rating on a filter, the fewer dust particles and other contaminants can pass through it. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers ( ASHRAE) designed the MERV scale to represent a filter’s worst

What can I do about sweaty AC ducts? InspectAPedia: Heating or Air Conditioning Duct Ice-up, Duct Flood Damage, duct water leaks and Mold bibliography-icon icon for annotation tool Cite this Article

However, once we get condensation … air dynamics (MAD) of wood, especially in crawl spaces and attics. Certain wood conditions can indicate moisture problems, even though moisture might not be …

Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning FAQ Signs of Trouble with Your Condensate Drain Line You may not think of condensation as part of your heating system, but many pieces of heating equipment rely on a condensate drain line to keep the system going.

Condensation forms when warm, humid air comes into contact with a colder surface like your air conditioner’s ductwork. This colder surface then chills the surrounding air to a temperature below it’s dew point which causes the water vapor to condense into a liquid, just like on the outside of a glass of iced teas sitting outside on a hot day.

Heating Vents Open Or Closed Dec 06, 2005  · As you can imagine the heat rises directly to the top floors. The set back thermostat is located on the second floor. It is generally cooler on the first floor. My question is whether or not to keep the third floor vents open or closed. There is one vent in each of the bedrooms, one in the bathroom and two in the den. Many homeowners close heating vents in unused rooms to save energy. Does it work? … Does Shutting Furnace Vents Improve Energy Efficiency? … but that air is forced out of the vents that are

If there is no condensate drain, figure out how to drain the condensate. nFirst, I will assume that the two "intake" ducts deliver air from the furnace or air conditioner depending on the season. …

However, your system may suffer from condensation that can cause it to malfunction. As a result, it is essential to take the time to know how to prevent condensation on air conditioning ducts. Doing so will make sure that it runs smoothly. The following steps can help you learn how to prevent condensation on air conditioning vents.

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